Master-SIL 1


  • conveying of air orgaseous media with high gas or environmental temperatures
  • vehicle industry
  • aircraft industry
  • ship building industry
  • general engineering and engine construction
  • chemical industry
  • plastics production
  • hot air hose for granuledryers
  • incineration plants


  • highly flexible
  • lightweight 
  • small bend radius
  • nearly smooth inside
  • symmetrically bending
  • kink proof
  • free of halogens
  • good chemical resistance
  • immovable vulcanized wall and spring steel spiral
Chemical Resistance

Recommended Connecting Elements:

Index Number: 13.3

Product Description

Medium and high temperature hose for temperatures up to +250°C


hose wall: silicone coated glass fabric

spiral: spring steel wire cord: glass fibre cord

Temperature Range

  • -70°C up to +250°C
  • intermittent -85 °C up to +300°C


  1. spiral: spring steel wire
  2. hose wall: silicone coated glass fabric
  3. cord