Master PUR HH-F


  • suction and transport hose
  • for silo trucks and loading equipment
  • special construction for extremely abrasive bulk and solids
  • transport hose for difficult materials, such as sand, gravel, grain
  • for highest demands of servicelife and abrasion resistance
  • transport hose for abrasive solids in fire risk areas
  • woodworking machines
  • exhaust equipment in woodworking industries
  • suction and transport hoses for abrasive solids where resistance to microbes is necessary for example:
  • rear suction hoses on small machines, public utility cleansing and refuse collection vehicles
  • lawn mowers
  • lawn sweepers
  • leaf suction machines
  • feed transport


  • extremely abrasion resistant by selective reinforcement below the spiral
  • long service life
  • smooth inside, for optimum flow characteristics
  • high tensile and rupture strength
  • high vacuum and pressure rating
  • gas-tight
  • free of plastizisers
  • free of halogens
  • good chemical resistance
  • resistant to oil and fuels
  • UV- and ozone resistant
  • electrically conductive by grounding spiral
  • flame resistant
  • microbe resistant
Chemical Resistance

Index Number: 1.16

Product Description

suction and transport hose - ultra heavy weight


hose wall: 100 % pure polyester polyurethane. 30 % more abrasion resistant than polyether polyurethane

spiral: spring steel wire

Temperature Range

  • -40°C up to +90°C
  • intermittent to +125 °C


  1. PU-coated spring steel spiral
  2. hose wall: polyester polyurethane
  3. wall thickness between spirals .078”
  4. inner hose wall smooth
  5. spirals Properties close together