Miniflex PU


  • protection and suction hose for solid, liquid and gaseous media
  • suction hose for fine-grained particles, e.g. dust, powder, fibres
  • ventilation (vacuum and low pressure)
  • protection hose against mechanical loadings
  • cable protecting hose


Chemical Resistance

Recommended Connecting Elements:

Index Number: 1.1

Product Description

PU protection and suction hose with plastic coated wire-spiral.


hose wall: 100% polyurethane
spiral: spring steel wire, plastic coated 


Temperature Range

  • -40°C up to +90°C
  • intermittent to +125°C


  1. Spring steel spiral plastic coated
  2. Hose wall: polyurethane with wall thickness from 0.3 - 1.2mm according to DN