Master-PROTECT installation kit


  • conveyor plants


  • Assembly sets for the installation of Master- PROTECT tube bends instead of the conventional wear pad tube bends with large bend radii used in existing transport systems  
  • universally applicable
  • smooth transition to existing pipelines and Master-PROTECT tube bend
  • lower operating costs in conjunction with Master-PROTECT tube bends
  • longer maintenance-free intervals
  • no transport medium delays
  • Pressure range is PN 6 for DN 200 and PN 10/16 for all other DN
Chemical Resistance

Index Number: 24.1.1


Tube: DIN 2448 St 37 (untreated)

Flange: RSt 37 - 2 (untreated)

Temperature Range

  • -40°C up to +80°C
  • intermittent to +110°C*
  • *In conjunction with Master-PROTECT tube bends


  1. DIN flange connection RSt 37 - 2 (untreated)
  2. tube DIN 2448 St 37 (untreated)