Master-Grip Quick Action Clamp


  • special hose clamp for securing spiral hoses with a right turning: Flamex, Master-PUR, Master-PVC and Master-SANTO


  • non rusting
  • very easy to install
  • robust
  • nearly leak proof and tensile strength connection due to bridge profiles
  • also subsequent rapid assembly with already installed hoses possible
  • non standard adjustment of the stress by tightening screw possible
  • RoHS compliant

Index Number: 21.6

Product Description

for spiral hoses with a right turning.


clamp band, bridge, housing:stainless steel (1.4301)


  • Hose clamp with a high speed fastener 
  • tightening screw with female hexagon
  • lock bolts unhingeable
  • with one spot welded brigde, from DN 320 with 2 bridges

Clamping range:

75/82 - 500/507 mm